Giving a shit about others and caring for them: easy or hard?

Not caring is a hell of a lot easier than actually giving a shit. Being selfish is also an effortless way of way living. Both have one thing in common, you as the main and only figure to look out for.

I’m not saying that’s the way to go, not at all. I’m just saying that I understand you taking the easy way out to have a less bothersome life. Why not? No problems (besides yours), no one to take care of, everything you do is towards the benefit of yourself. But I get the right to call you out like the shit person you are, and everybody will find eventually find out about your rotten existence. That’s the takeaway.

Although, now that I deliberate it a little more profound, one could argue that it’s not really that easier and going through all that effort to only take care of yourself actually takes a toll on you because you’re never able to receive anything genuine and special back.

You’re not part of the chakra rotation, the energy exchange, the spirit cycle… Where you and another person connect, even if it’s just for a moment, and an act of kindness fills you up.

I’m gonna give you the most basic example of this.

You’ve been working for 9 hours straight, only had 15-minute ‘break’ that you spend on a soda and a snack from the vending machine. 5pm hits, I’m out. You hop on the car and call the deli to order your favorite sandwich. “Hi, give me a Reuben, hero, with the works, extra mustard, and a ginger ale. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” You were so hungry, that even thought about getting TWO sandwiches instead of one. “Nah, that’s too much, no need.”

Once you get there, it’s already in the paper bag, just dripping juices. You can smell it! Your grand reward after a hellish day. That’s what you work for, right?

What a nice drive back home, but you’re starving, and this sandwich is too special to eat in the car while driving. Let’s stop at the park. It’s a beautiful day and the sunset has already started. Perfect setting!

A parking spot awaits you right there, a couple of steps next to the green area where you’ll sit overlooking the river and trees. You’re salivating right now. The bag is heavy and moist.

There’s a couple of people nearby, you don’t pay attention at all and just fly right through them. The bench is empty and ready to be seated. This is way better than the grass, you said to yourself. Here we go.

The first bite of the sandwich was like getting a teaser of how heaven feels like. You’re in total ecstasy. Bite again, mustard on your cheek. How did it get so high! It doesn’t matter. Another bite, fuck. This is so good. God really exists and is inside this sandwich.

You finished the first half in an instant. It was all blurry, happened so fast. Holy shit! I still have another half. I get to feel everything again, but this time, consciously.

As you’re placing your hand in the bag to get it out, you grasp it. It’s so meaty. Suddenly you become self-conscious and grab a napkin to clean the mustard and sauerkraut from your face.

There was a man by itself, laying on the grass a couple of meters from you, with his dog. He wasn’t paying attention to you, just keeping to himself and watching other people walk pass him. He had a sign saying: “Homeless. Anything helps. Thanks”. It was just laying on the floor, wasn’t even grabbing it to show it.

Without any hesitation (well, just a little). You took the sandwich half from the brown bag and folded it inside 2 clean napkins. The bag was smelly and wet, it was way cleaner this way.

You head on over to the guy. “Hey, don’t have a lot of cash with me. Only like $4 bucks. Here. And also, here’s half of the greatest reuben you have probably tasted and will ever taste.” He said thanks, buddy. And I went on my way.

The man grabbed it and opened it on the spot. The dog immediately went for it. He gave it a decent chuck of corned beef.

Everybody won with that action. It cost you a few dollars, but it recharged your emotional tank, and most importantly, it came from the good place every human has inside of them.

The selfish person will never experience anything close to this during his whole life. That’s why they’ll never understand why we prefer to put in the effort and actually care a least a little for the people around us.


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