It’s done

I have officially fulfilled the promise I made exactly 1 year ago, consisting of writing a new post every day for a whole year, equaling a total of 365 posts on this blog.

A long journey traveled with great pleasure, and completed with the utmost dedication.

Thanks to all those who read me day after day, those who commented/liked, those who continue to read my previous posts, and those who will keep coming back here after completing this project.

Now comes another chapter, one that I am very excited to commence. I will be rereading, commenting and editing my original posts to republish them with more complete and better elaborated ideas. Some will stay the same because of the high level of intimacy I originally shared, others will be rewritten and optimized for the future reader.

Going back to discover what I was feeling, thinking, doing, expressing every single day for an entire year will be my new adventure as a writer (and person).

Stay tuned for my book being published sometime in 2023.

The blog will continue, and hopefully, I finally redesign this webpage (this is my next promise).

Gracias totales


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