But first! Read me*

So, first entry, new blog, new project, all that jazz.

Short intro, fast, I promise:

Native to the Caribbean, been to and lived in a couple of countries, and now recently (and currently) settled in… O H I O.

LMAO, who would have fucking guessed. Not me! But in all seriously, loving it here, and planning on staying for a while. 

Ok, yea… First post, new blog… I’m author of 2 novels (both in Spanish btw). Check them out if you’re feeling bilingual. One’s about a guy that kills himself and the detective that found his body gets obsessed with his suicidal diaries; the other is about a dude that dies and the spirit world mandates him to guide 100,000 souls from Earth to their resting place, he ends up saving the world. They’re good, trust me. 

Gonna start working on my third and fourth and fifth novels, soon… But before everything, I wanna try this: A tell all, no bs approach to writing, probably a diary type project (that way I’m obligated to write some thing at least every day).

Some will be short, some will be longer, but the promise is this:

F*cking words published, every day (following the Gregorian calendar).

Feel free to comment, criticize, tell me off, whatever… Express yourself. If I’m getting a reaction (hopefully positive) strong enough to make you want to type it and hit “post”, then this blog is doing what it’s supposed to.

After writing this it’s:

Back to work,

Back to life,

Back to the blank page

and of course,

Back to waking up every day in OHIO.

Let’s get it done. 


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