I’ve published two novels, both of them in Spanish:
Por Amor a Laura” (2020) and “Cien Mil Almas de Chiriko (2021)
The third one is coming, soon…

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Por Amor a Laura

Four people share a common thread. One day, like any other, a planned death started a chain reaction, causing them to abandon the daily routine and reflect on their life decisions. They tried living in the present, until the past knocked on the door demanding answers. This is the story of four individuals intertwined through space and time thanks to the human condition that bounded them with love, commitment, obsession, indifference and reconciliation.

Cien Mil Almas de Chiriko

Chiriko was given the opportunity to redeem his soul in exchange for becoming a guide for those lost on Earth. Barely starting his mission, he uncovered a series of events that revealed a plot to destroy the world we live in. Now he’ll navigate between our earthly plane and the unknown to decide his final destiny. Will he finish his mandated mission to obtain the reward of eternal rest or will he sacrifice himself for us, becoming the savior of humanity? This is the story of the man chosen to restore the spiritual balance of our planet.