Number 10

This one is going UP —to the main menu, I mean—. 

Well, it’s been 10 days and 10 posts since this whole ‘project’ started. One per day, just as promised, and keeping strong.

First and foremost, I want to thank all the people that read my words and interact with the page on a daily basis, especially the ones that followed me during these first few days. Every time my phone lights up with a like or subscribe notification, my day gets better and my motivation gets renewed.

Don’t know if the whole “BustiBusti” concept is fully clear, so I’ll elaborate.

I wrote two novels in two years, and was gonna go three for three —finalized the story outline and rough character sketch—, but decided to pause. Not because ideas weren’t flowing or my impulses were exhausted, but because of the many changes happening in my life throughout 2021. (I’ll make another post about this in detail, promise.)

Ok, so… 

What is BustiBusti?

Short and simple answer:
It’s a diary in the shape of an online blog.

Long answer? Don’t mind if I do:
A way to shape my ideas into coherent wording. A daily self-imposed task in which I have to organize abstract thoughts, and create a concrete narrative. A creativity and discipline exercise where I put myself under pressure to write and post every day without failure. A 365-day-long effort to communicate efficiently and entertain (or even stimulate) readers. An honest conversation I wish to start with the digital world, and hopefully get the must-have feedback and criticism to help me become a better writer (and person).

This is an open invitation to every reader, to every writer, to every person with the need to communicate their story. This digital space is always available for the exchange of ideas, and encourages everyone to comment what they feel below (hate speech, bigotry or prejudice will not be allowed. It’s the 21st century. Come on, get it together. Be better).


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