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Summer forecast: looking good

It’s a good thing I did a lot of trips in May (one more still to go next weekend) ’cause I’m pretty much booked solid till July. Clients Monday through Friday, plus activities and/or more clients during the weekend; a much needed revenue to pay the piper (IRS) and alleviate the weight of my traveling […]

First time I tried Frosted Mini-Wheats

Grocery shopping for this week and the next, might as well go to Costco. So, I got all my goodies there, like plant based protein products, sparkling water, and organic eggs. One item that I have lots of problems with is cereal. Love cereal, especially with oat milk, but most of them are basically packets […]

Hello, extra pounds; so we meet yet again

My digital scale doesn’t work right. It adds about 30 pounds to my body weight. But I do know that after 2 back to back long weekend trips eating and drinking to my heart’s content, I definitely gained some weight. AT LEAST 3-4 pounds. How do I know? You ask. Elementary, my dear reader. Clothes […]

When it rains it pours

Get this, I’ve been basically working non-stop 2 jobs since mid February. Needed the money, it was all part of the master plan. Mazel tov! Took me a couple of weeks to finally get into the daily rhythm of juggling my everyday life with work life with personal life with my other life (the one […]

All good things must come to an end

Can’t stop the flow of time. Days keep going one after the other. It’s inevitable. All of the sudden, your 5-day vacation is finished, and you’re setting up the alarm in bed because when you open up your eyes, normality will reign once again: waking up, brushing your teeth, coffee, work, lunch, procrastination, traffic, exercising, […]

T-Minus 36 hours

I am really really REALLY not ready to get back on the grind after these past couple of days. It’s not even about working again or doing activities everyday, it’s about getting back to the exercise routine and diet. When you’re on vacation, you say: “Hey, fuck it. Imma have a great time. Bring it.” […]

Don’t want to, but I will

Don’t want to drive back, Just want to keep drinking, eating, and enjoying the night out. Don’t want to write, Just want to keep drinking, eating, and enjoying the night out. Don’t want to go to work the midnight deadline,Just want to go to the jacuzzi with a bottle of wine. Don’t want to go […]

Are you in for a treat!

As you know, still in Canada for a couple of more days. Days are filled with lots of food, drinking and activities. Here’s a sample of tonight. Cirque du Soleil. Please, go see it. These people are ridiculous. Worth every fucking penny. Superb athletes and performers.

About halfway there

3 and a half hours of driving, done! Easy peasy, even though it started after a 12-hour work day, which gets even harder when it’s 85F and you’re doing tons of stuff outside. The sun really drains you. Must have drank like 4 bottles of electrolyte water, my body just kept chugging it. Dehydration is […]

Long day ahead, and even longer weekend

I’ve been staring at this blank page for about 15 minutes now, including the 20 tabs I’ve opened and closed multiple times to ‘find inspiration’. None, nothing, zilch. I’m completely blank today. Tiredness is a factor, being out in the sun at 84F is another, not getting a full night sleep since past Friday is […]

Worst case scenario activated and resolved

Murphy’s general laws states, and I quote:“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. Corollary: If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then.” […]

Slowly, but surely, losing my ‘summer body’

No, I won’t complain again about the market and my financial decisions. Whatever. Only one more sentence: Today was the single worst day of my market trading day, even worst than the start of the pandemic; and my portfolio is being massacred. That is all. Let’s continue. Ate at Taco Bell today. Got a happy […]

Birthday weekend, done!

So, after a very action packed and activity filled birthday weekend, I’m back; and if feels good to have created new memories of enjoyment with a very special person. Here’s a quick re-cap, I: Ate like an animal Drank like a gentleman Drove hundreds of miles like a veteran pilot Had 3am pizza in a […]

Come on! Missed it by 17 minutes

Mo’fuckers. Today is my birthday, I crossed state lines. I’m in another place. Fuck me. Lost my streak because of bad timing, again. No, I won’t accept it. Drove for hours, hotel, check in, dinner, drinks, life happens… Today is my birthday. I demand a break! Gotta party, drink, eat… I have to celebrate another […]

Lots to do, but nothing getting done

One of those nights where the nothingness reigns. Zero motivation to get ready, get things done, do the evening routine. Literally using static web randomizer to land on any of the 1.88 billion sites currently available in the Internet.  See it, stay 3 or 4 second, then click randomize. Land on another, rinse and repeat. […]


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