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Society isn’t collapsing anytime soon, but is certainly getting destroyed every day that passes

Between global working and economic conditions, armed intimidation of the LGBTQ community, investment markets collapsing, excessive mounting debt, financial uncertainty, nationwide protests, people advocating a testing that ends in a 99% chimpanzee fatality rate… And those are the first things that came up in my feed, without even digging further down the algorithm. Just like […]

Monday, December, let’s go!

It started, and it’s not going to stop. First Monday of December, and we’re already less than 4 weeks away from welcoming the new year. Let’s get it done, and fast. I am ready for 2023. Traveling, trips, concerts, events, in only its first 2 months. Will it be better? Well, I hope. Although, everything […]

Hell of a day [under construction, I swear]

This is KIND OF cheating. But it’s not. I’m maintaining this triple digit streak strong. Had a vet emergency, Resolved A dinner party, great food and drinks. Now, after hours drinks. Brb.

Coming to terms with the process [my process]

Less than three weeks left to finish my whole year, writing this blog every day. I admit that lately I’ve been making a genuine attempt to produce quality content with some kind of substance, going beyond just being honest and authentic with this personal diary type writing. Most of the time, I’m discussing the same […]

A whole world of consequences fits in only 10 minutes-time

If only I had gotten up 10 minutes earlier, I wouldn’t have been stuck in traffic, found parking faster, and not missed the only available flight until tomorrow to get home. I missed my family dinner, and big event. I was saying goodbye before leaving the party, and I stayed for 10 more minutes talking […]

Dreaming of a possible heaven on Earth (but not possible for me)

If I had not been born in the midst of this global stage of rampant hyper-capitalism, where you work to have the basics, and continue working for the benefit of the ones that do not work, without being able to accumulate capital, I would have loved to have been an expert in whatever subject, every […]

A thought once a day, every day; some better than others

I know I should do a better job and put more effort into the content I’m writing so that it goes beyond this daily diary format of how am I feeling today; especially two weeks away from finishing this project (or, at least, honoring my promise of spending a whole year writing a post a […]

Next-day strategy for sleepless nights

It’s 100% proven that days in which I couldn’t sleep well the night before, end up riddled with mistakes. It’s not a matter of sleeping X number of hours, but rather the unpleasant surprise of having your sleep interrupted. I can go to bed on a Sunday at 3am, knowing that I am going to […]

Passing thought, new week (go to sleep)

Another week has passed, at least this one started Thanksgiving Thursday. It felt like a mini vacation, a very much needed break. Now a new one begins… With the first days of December right there around the corner. A lot of work, a lot of cold temperatures, a lot of bills to pay… Tonight’s goal […]

Bring me a dream

Tonight is not the right night for this. I’m too tired, and sleepy. If I close my eyes right now, I’ll fall asleep on this very couch with my laptop on top of me. The problem is that, even though I’m falling asleep while finishing this post, and later I send my work emails, as […]

World Cup Days

I have to admit, I wasn’t motivated AT ALL for the FIFA World Cup, UNTIL the starting whistle and the ball rolling on the field during that first opening game. I’ve been watching all the world cups religiously for about a couple of decades, and almost as long watching professional league football from various countries. […]

The perfect Thanksgiving Day [done]

Wake-upBlack coffeeShowerGet ready – Potato saladOnion & bacon riceMashed potatoesCornbread casseroleMac & cheeseButtermilk BiscuitsRoasted TurkeyPecan PiePumpkin PieApple pieTres LechesCheese FlanVanilla Flan – Lots of red wineBlack coffee – Short walk – Long shower – Heavy sleep

Pre-Thanksgiving extra long day [with a short post]

I don’t have much to say today, so I won’t waste your time writing nonsense just to fill the page. It was a long day, full of things to do, and they all got done.Ate two big meals, always a cause for celebration.And now it’s time to rest and recharge. Tomorrow, I have to work, […]

Know thyself, know others, make changes (or not); search for happiness

I will no longer accept the blame for how other people feel if my intentions were clear, open and noble, if I didn’t do anything, or if I wasn’t even involved, and we’re just discussing a situation. One cannot live accommodating their life to other people’s sensitivities, weakness and/or shortcomings. One can do it sometimes, […]

A slice of optimism, with extra whipped cream on top

Things usually end up getting better, even if they take a little longer. The problem is wanting everything to be resolved quickly and on your terms. This is straight up immaturity or ignorance, according to your preferred weakness. Having control goes up to a certain point, the rest is chaos. Or better yet, most of […]


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