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Social bar depleted

It’s done, no more engaging people for a while: My social energies have been drained. It amazes me how some human beings are in constant interaction with others every single day. Hell, they even like it or can’t live without it. I don’t know how it works, but I guess everyone is different in some […]

But everything will be alright ’cause I had pizza

Here’s a quick summary of my past 24 hours. Lost my wallet Went back, and found my wallet Everyone texting me, and changing my plans Carrying luggage over three floors of steep staircases No hot water Woke up 3 and a half hours after going to sleep because of multiple roosters crowing (yes, in the […]

Still on ‘vacation’, but here’s your update

I almost, ALMOST, did another [under construction] post that I’ll get back to it eventually once I get home, BUT I DIDN’T. Already had three, and wasn’t in the mood to keep adding to the list. I’m tired as hell, and in desperate need of a REAL vacation. Not like the one I’m having right […]

Hate brunch [post under construction]

This right here is a trust exercise because I’m telling you that I will finish these last couple of posts soon. I’m still on vacation, limited wifi and connectivity. Barely enough time to sit in front of my laptop and right. Maybe within the next few days I’ll catch up. That’s a promise.

Bar life, vacation life [post under construction]

Still on “vacation.“ Haven’t had ANY time to sit down in front of the laptop and actually write something. Let me just sleep for 9 hours, and get my shit together. I’ll get it together and soon… It’s a promise.

“People talk a lot of shit” is an indisputable maxim

I’ve been listening to this my whole life, I read it all the fucking time. You know what? I finally accept it as an unquestionable truth in our day-to-day, ESPECIALLY during this social media era. You must be saying: So what? This is no surprise. What’s the big deal. Well, once you’re weathering down a […]

Top Gun: Maverick

Go see Top Gun: Maverick. Have a good time and enjoy a top tier action film. That’s an order. For reals, it’s the definition of maximum entertainment blockbuster. So what if it’s the ultimate US military propaganda of the 21st century? I get it, and if you feel that strongly about this, don’t watch it. […]

Wake up early, go to sleep early: As simple as that

The thing about going to sleep early, like 11pm or definitely before midnight, is that you wake up early AND rested. Then, the thing about waking up early, is that you can go through your whole day, and start to get sleepy earlier in the night, resulting in going to bed early. You see? It […]

Personal update: Ok, incoming trip in the next couple of days

– Blog post under construction- Currently dealing with both a personal matter and a work deadline AT THE SAME TIME. Will elaborate more once I resolve everything. BRB –Ok, I’m back. Work: Done (well, semi done, but at least I got the most important thing out of the pipeline).Personal matter: Just a family phone call […]

Find yourself, and start being honest

Do you really exist if you’re not being honest with yourself? How far can the faking take you, the pretending, the pretentiousness of trying to be more than what you really are? Does it really matter in the end? The meal you cook only exists if you serve it for others to enjoy. The words […]

The time I went to the state fair

State fair is nice, lots to do, and lots to see. If you go early enough, it’s not that full, no long lines, and you avoid most of the hoodlums. State fair is nice, but not with 85F-90F weather. Fuck me. A 10-minute line turns into an endurance test under the scorching sun. Then you […]

The White Light

You wake up the next day after dreaming about a white shining light. Could’ve been death, an explosion, a spotlight, anything resembling a blinding brightness. Your morning is just like every other morning, with the coffee, the music, the answering emails, commuting to work, eating a protein bar on the go… Nothing changes. The moment […]

Not-a-worry-in-the-world Thursday

Yup, not a single idea about what to write in here today. It’s just been one of those very chill days. I probably listened to over 6 hours of reggae roots and dub. That’s how relaxed I felt throughout the day. Even though I got a lot done, like groceries, errands, dog walks, and exercise, […]

What comes after pizza and wine? Cake, the answer is cake.

Why do I want to keep on eating after finishing my meal!? This is happening with every lunch and/or dinner, every time I stray off the healthy path. On a normal day, I wake up, protein bar, coffee, some cereal for breakfast. Then a huge lunch, heavy on protein and maybe carbs. And for dinner […]


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