Another writer, but with an honest marrow

Feeling positive, feeling positive, feeling great — at least for the moment, right? — Gotta celebrate, gotta keep it going, before it all goes away.

Writers gotta write. Writers gotta read, study and of course, live. How else are you gonna find your words, your ideas, your fucking muse. Oh, almost forgot one of the most important processes in this journey we call ‘being a writer’; and that is to procrastinate. 

Procrastination is the bone marrow of creativity. Although I add a lot of self loathing to the mix,  just to spice things a little bit every day.  Careful now, don’t let it get pathological. Keep it at bay, and avoid falling into THE BIG SAD.  A lil’ bit of SAD is ok, helps you maintain a human connection (at least for me). 

By this point you must be thinking: ‘Great. Another writer talking about writing’.


It’s more like: ‘Another writer talking about what’s on his mind’,

And what’s on my mind is procrastinating, trying to *stay happy and THEN getting some writing done.

So, let’s get to know each other. I’ll always be honest (that’s another promise), say what’s on my mind and avoid unnecessary judging. 

You on the other hand. I just want two things from you:

One, try to read me whenever you get a chance.
Two, always call me out when the bullshit detector lights up the meter.

I think we’ll get along just fine.

P.S. Art not necessarily related to the post’s content.

P.P.S. Love dogs. They will make appearances here.


2 responses to “Another writer, but with an honest marrow”

    • With absolutely NO problem of sounding like a big cliche:
      “Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction”

      Following this logic to my own sense of interpretation: I will procrastinate, destroy myself and then create.

      Good trade-off if you can handle the damage and have the strength to re-build.
      Have a nice weekend!


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