How come…

How come I get sleepy during the early evening from 5pm-8pm, but then get this immense amount of energy around 11pm, lasting easily till 1am-2am?

How come I eat way more when I’m tasting and snacking different things, instead of a big main dish with the necessary nutrients?

How come I can read Twitter for hours every day, but can’t read 10 pages of a book every night for 20 minutes?

How come February has 28 days, but we still have to pay the same rent as a 31-day month?

How come Mcdonald’s Sprite tastes like the static on an old tube TV, but the one at the supermarket is extra sweet, flat  and lemony?

How come I wake up tired after a full 7-8 hour sleep, but wake up completely amped up when my sleep gets interrupted 4-5 hours into dreamworld, and then I can’t go back to sleep?

How come I can binge watch 5 straight hours of a show without losing focus, but can’t finish an under 2-hour movie in a single sitting?

How come doing 20 push-ups is hard, but 100 ab crunches are totally doable?

How come uber eats keeps adding new special charges to the orders, but drivers aren’t paid more and my food still arrives late and soggy? 

How come I can easily drive 3-4 hours without any complaints, but an hour-long flight makes me consider canceling the whole trip?

How come there are people that turn on the heater at their home, but then go to bed with a heavy comforter on top and start sweating while sleeping?

How come I keep buying briefs and socks even though I have a whole travel bag filled with new ones?

How come every time I travel on a plane, there’s a baby crying in a nearby seat?

How come I never landed on what was the point of this blog post, and continued writing ‘how come’ examples that kept popping into my mind?

I’m sorry.

If I had a way to give back the minute and half you spent reading this, I would do it in an instant.

Which makes me think.

How come we haven’t found a way to go back in time even if it’s for a minute and a half?


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