A glimpse of incoming good news

Gonna keep it short tonight, and just give you an update on my personal life.

T-minus 6 days for my trip to the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters, beach lounging, exquisite dishes, and escaping the midwest winter with 85F degree weather awaits!

T-minus 15 days for my move to a new apartment (Oh, I never told you about it. The guy finally appeared last Friday. All it took were 3 texts, 2 missed phone calls, 1 long voicemail practically begging him to review my application, and of course, 2 months of rent paid in advance, cash, plus security deposit, cash again, just to sweeten the pot and be able to close the deal.)

Can’t believe I’m actually celebrating this, but I’ll have a new landlord soon. He seems like a nice fellow, disregarding the bribery, obviously. All he’s asking for is a third of my salary to live 12 months under the roof of a property he barely maintains . What a bargain!

Although it has been a rough past couple of weeks, starting February 1, it’s looking like everything is gonna be alright, or at least better than how it’s now (guaranteed) —knocks on wood—.

Immediately after getting back from vacation, I’ll begin a new writing side gig —fingers crossed—, and hopefully my life will transform into a more peaceful day-to-day that will extend till the end of my lease.

So you see, at last things are looking up. I’m finally getting rewarded for all the recent pain, suffering and effort I’ve been subjected to out of my control.

Feels genuinely great to be able to say that sentence because I know of all the people that haven’t had the same luck as me, even though no matter what they can possibly do, they’re still going through even worse and unfortunate situations.

May the deity of your preference bless you with the help you require (or the universe guide your path towards glory or atoms get rearranged in a way it favors you.)

Whatever. I’m sending good wishes and energies. I sure needed them.


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