Personal rambling, nothing to see here.

I WAS about to go on a rant about something personal, but then I remembered “Hey, this has my name AND my picture on it. Anybody on the fucking internet can see it.” Then it falls in front of the wrong pair of eyeballs and it becomes a whole thing. No thanks… Pass.

The nerve on some people.
The fucking audacity of setting you up in a lose-lose scenario and still having to go through it because ‘it makes you a good person’.

You work 40 hours a week just to have to deal with more bullshit during your ‘me-time’.

How can you truly avoid any negative outcome?
Staying in your apartment and never leaving?
Closing social media and being unreachable?
Being such a shitty person that nobody ever wants to be around you?
Becoming a prolific liar and basically say everything that people around you want to hear?

The lesson to be learned is that sometimes it’s better to:
1- Turn off your phone
2- Listen to your podcast, watch your anime, read your book…
3- Be unbothered

You can also move to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina or the Yukon, Canada and fuck off everything.

Have a great rest of the week.


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