Gearing up for what’s coming in the next couple of weeks

And just like that, with two different text messages while I was waking up this morning at 9am (lmao), I lost 4 weeks of side income. My two clients extended their break period for 2 weeks more till mid June. Damn! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a much needed and well-deserved rest (but I only wanted a week, maybe two, not a whole month).

Need that liquidity. Need to pay my travel expenses. I still have a trip left that’s gonna put about 2k miles in my car to get there and back. Gas prices nearing $5 a gallon. Shit! Can’t catch a break. That gas expense is gonna put a serious dent in my financials. I didn’t even consider it till now ’cause I booked this trip a while ago, back when gas was under $4.

Well, fuck it. Invest in memories you’ll never forget. Money comes and go (as we have seen recently). It’s gonna be a memorable once in a lifetime experience. Those are priceless. Maybe pick up an extra client or two in July to make amends. Put in a little effort. Forfeit one weekend.

Even though I’m ‘doing well”, I would love to stop talking and worrying about money. Not poor, because I have some assets, can pay the bills and there’s always food on the table. But at the same time, this working class BS is hard. There’s work every day, little to no benefits, calculated leisure time and living paycheck to paycheck.

All I’m trying to do is secure my small safe place in the imminent dystopic future that’s getting closer with each day that passes. Humanity is doomed, and heading towards the wrong path full steam ahead.

At least I won’t get to live through the bad parts of the clean water and air wars, nor the nuclear conflicts. I would probably be too old or even dead (crosses fingers).

Glass half-full, amirite??!!


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