Summer came about 3 to 4 weeks early

Heat started, and it’s getting hot as hell. We’re officially feeling 90F-degree temperatures every day. It’s gonna be a very long scorching summer. Luckily, I prepared since last year and bought a portable AC unit at a great dirt cheap price. It’s been in my closet covered by a pile of winter jackets, till today.

I don’t know exactly why, but my apartment is on a very windy location. Score, right? Well… evenings and mornings are nice, but during the long lasting afternoon sun that ends at 8pm, the winds blowing in literally warm your apartment. Sure, you get a breeze going (if you’re lucky), but what good is warm air circulating inside?

AC unit is set up RIGHT where the action happens: Next to my living room couch, and blowing cold air that reaches directly till the other side of the area, where my computer desk/working station is. My room has it’s separate cooling unit, so I’m golden.

We basically have 4 more summer months to withstand till October, when it starts getting cooler again (hopefully) ’cause global warming is getting everything colder and hotter at record paces every year.

No panic at the moment, everything will be fine. Maybe my energy bill will be higher (2x or even 3x for this next trimester) between the AC units and doing more laundry, but as I always say:

If it can be resolved with a little more money, then it’s not really that much of a problem.


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