First, be happy [by yourself]

Everyone says it, and nothing could be truer: You are in charge of your own happiness.

Yes, external factors may affect you: Financial stability, job security, having a place to sleep safely.

Yes, internal factors may affect you: Medical conditions, state of mind, personal decisions.

But in the end, once you have them covered or at least *enough [asterisk here because nobody needs the same things to get by], you’re solely responsible of your self.

Don’t expect anyone to make your day or make you feel better. It’s simply not their problem. They have their own shit to deal with. Yes, they can support you and help you, but it’s not their job to take care of you (unless that’s really their job or arrangement, idk).

“What you’re saying is selfish.”

—> No, it’s called being considerate.

The thought of giving another person the task of making you happy, it’s absurd, and I can assure you it will end up bad with one or both of you burned out.

Know yourself, set some goals, have boundaries, build your own life…

The person that decides to travel alongside you should be your partner, not your journey.

Believe when I tell this: True happiness lies within, then gets shared to others.


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