If anything can go wrong, it will (and it did, BIG TIME)

Look, my day today was total, utter shit. Starting from only being able to sleep about 4 hours, to an extensive amount of unexpected traffic, driving over 7 hours, a flash storm and to top it all off: being victim of fraud (through legit proven channels, mind you).

Let’s round it up to a 13-hour day full of pain and exhaustion.

I can’t get into details now, because it’s a long-ass story and I’m exhausted both mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m struggling even now as I write this.

Everything worked out alright, and a new lesson was learned.

Promise I’ll give you full details the next week. Right now, I just need a good shower and 9 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow it’s THE big day! Everything that happened today will be well worth it in the long run.


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