Lost everything, still standing, life goes on

I’m a couple of single malts in, heavy pours. Gonna keep it brief.

I’m here, alive, and can look towards the future with a bright outlook.

Long story, short: My financials took THE biggest hit possible of my life. It’s all gone. Years of work down the drain. My economic ruin came in the form of customer service email with the digital signature of the CEO.

What can I do? Nothing

What could I’ve done? Learn how to predict the future.

Lesson to be learned? Cash out the moment you have enough money secured, don’t get comfortable, don’t get cocky, don’t ride the wave; it will end.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up at the same time.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to work like every day.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to smile and be courteous to everyone around me.

No one will know that I’ve hit rock bottom,
No one will know that I’ll have to rebuild everything from the very start.

Life just served me a cruel and serious lecture. I’m only another soul among billions in this world. My suffering is worth less than most of the beings on this planet.

I won’t dwell on this. I will keep going. I will lose again. I will win again.

One day at a time.


Well, tomorrow can get worst.

So, let’s fucking go. Get it over with.
I’ll be here, taking the hits. Bring it.


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