Still on ‘vacation’, but here’s your update

I almost, ALMOST, did another [under construction] post that I’ll get back to it eventually once I get home, BUT I DIDN’T. Already had three, and wasn’t in the mood to keep adding to the list.

I’m tired as hell, and in desperate need of a REAL vacation. Not like the one I’m having right now. Sure… Traveling a couple of thousand miles far from home, with beach, food, alcohol, some friends, events, etc. could constitute a thing called ‘vacation’, but if I’m still answering personal calls, sending emails, having to meet certain people and planning around a certain schedule, am I really free to enjoy my own time?

My mind is still occupied dealing with problems and unforeseen situations. Heck, I’ll go as far as to say that I actually had less stress and more fun back home ‘in the midwest’ than in my so-called vacation.

Don’t know… The jury is still out on that one.

I just want to be able to not do anything at all for a day or two. And I think that’s nowhere near in my eventual timeline for the next couple of days.

Woe is me [while pounding whiskey, coconut water and fish tacos at the beach]


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