I didn’t choose the complaining-life, the complaining-life chose me

Fully booked till the end of October, working out 4 times a week, keeping up with a healthy diet, money is flowing in, going on trips, finished my newest video game in the top percentile…

Seems like everything is going perfectly fine. How could a person complain?

Well, there are always reasons for complaining. I deserve way more than what I’m getting paid, why is it nice and cool in the mornings, then it goes up +20F degrees in a couple of hours, would like to travel even more, how come my car keeps getting new scratches and needs new parts if it’s only going back and forth to work and the supermarkets, fruits last less every day and go bad in a day or two, also, why is pizza and ice cream so fattening?!

You see? It’s fairly easy to complain, even if your life seems kinda perfect (for the moment).

A new week starts tomorrow. Every day you wake up, you have a chance to be better (or something like that, whatever). I just want a straightforward week, no surprises, nothing out of place. Peace and routine for at least 5 days. Is that too much to ask?

Whatever happens will happen anyway,
and I’ll definitely complain about it afterwards.


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