Markets red, again; losing money, again; the pain never stops

Damn, got crushed on the market AGAIN. Every time the FED talks or tweets something, the wound bleeds again.

My portfolio was on the way to being healthy. I was seeing green and feeling good about it. Negative double digits went to single double digits in a week, very near breaking even for the first time in months.

I could’ve had peace of mind, deposited my well-earned money in savings, CDs, bonds, etc. But no, let’s play around the market, let’s gamble on crypto, let’s study financing and investing to ‘put your money to work for you’. All those economic pundits forgot to tell you the golden rule: “Only applies to rich people. Poor people need to pay bills, buy stuff or put their money under the mattress.”

Don’t get me wrong. I could be doing WAY worse. I’m grateful for where I’m at and where I’m heading. Even after suffering the biggest loss of my life a few months ago, unprecedented loss. We’re still here, in the fight, and on the road to a victory (after the next elections, but that’s another conversation, a very long one).

I’m holding on. Putting in the work, balancing stuff out, avoiding making HUGE mistakes, trying to plan the NEXT big move. It’s gonna work out, eventually, maybe, I hope so….

Just lie to me, Jerry. LIE TO ME! Put a stick on the market’s back, prop it up or some shit. Come on. Get some special effects on this shit. CGI. LIE TO ME.


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