Starts with exercise, ends with a big meh

Missing an exercise day is a slippery slope towards unhealthy behavior; at least in my case.

“Ok, so I couldn’t exercise today. So what? I’m a human, not a machine, some days is just not possible. Plus, the weekend just started. It was a busy week, might as well reward my self with pizza and wine, maybe a little dessert on the side.”

You see? It started fine, but then ended in another 4,000 calorie day. Gotta watch out for the slip, it’s dangerous.

Tomorrow will be a…

Nah, tomorrow will be decided tomorrow. Not making plans, just gonna get shit done (and it’s quite a lot).

By now, we probably know each other a bit better., and if I have… Whatever.

Was gonna start a bit, go into something else, but fuck it. Not really in the mood tonight. Till tomorrow.

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