Why do it today with no rush, when you could do it tomorrow under pressure?

It’s amazing how losing one single evening can fuck up basically your entire weekly schedule.

You lost it, ok. Drinking, eating, playing video games, procrastinating, at an event, etc. You lost it doing something you were not supposed to do because it wasn’t planned. You had your fun at that moment. Present me had a blast avoiding responsibilities. Now future me (or current me) is suffering the consequences.

The trick is to know how much time you really take doing X task. For example, sending emails takes me about 20 minutes realistically. So I book a full 30-45 minutes for. Now you get guaranteed slack time, fun time in case you decide to go slow. If you book every take with 1.5x or 2x the time needed to get it done, you’ll have some free time to procrastinate and never be rushed.

I lost a whole evening, and now my options are limited.

Doing it throughout the day in healthy spaced out intervals? Nah
Going to sleep 1-2 hours late to finish it on a single night? Nope
Waking up at the same time as always, then rushing through your morning schedule, just to have the exact time needed to get it done before deadline? Of-fucking-course.

That’s how winners do it, thriving under pressure, feeding their ego with wreckless maneuvers like this one, that could cost them their job, a client, some credibility.

I’m already dreading tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be bad, with no room for failure, only crunch time on-demand to produce great results.


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