Keep your eyes on right ahead

Everything is going well, but something is up (yea, it’s one of those posts).

Lots of work with money flowing in and out, diet and exercise regime still holding, blog is being written and read on the daily, not a lot of problems nor struggles in the radar, spontaneous online shopping, and I’m even making plans for 2023.

This kind of stability is definitely not my normal setting.

Falling into a steady routine where everything clicks without much effort, making good decisions that end with good results, not being bothered, chilly fall weather, full indulgence weekends…

Is this my idea of happiness?

Am I really that easy to please?

I still have a few things left to do, like start writing the new book, winterize my apartment, lower some debt… You know, the normal stuff. But it looks like I’m gonna get it done.

Is this optimism? Positive manifestation?

Nah, this is called organizing myself and getting shit done. Simple as that. For the moment, the train is going full speed on the right track, and I’m the conductor.


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