I’m beginning to think that Sundays are my absolute favorite days. Accepting it is kinda new, but the feeling has been there consistently for almost a whole year now.

It starts on late Saturday night (however that looks like, usually lots of fun and going to sleep completely tired). Then the fun begins. Waking up at 7am-8am, no sleep, no recharge, just vibes and existence. Start making breakfast, or get some take-out, it doesn’t matter, just consume some nutrients, you definitely need them. Hey, add some mimosas. It’s ok. It’s barely 9am-10am now. Everything will be alright.

Morning F1 Grand Prix, delicious breakfast, some recreational alcohol, maybe watch a football game or two… Guess what. It’s barely lunchtime. GET TO IT! Treat yo’self. Because winding down is imminent, and responsibilities are just around the corner. Play some video games, catch up with your favorite series, time flies by.

It’s already early evening. Hopefully you did everything you had to do to be happy. Now face it, there’s no escaping. In a couple of hours, it’s gonna be a new week. Get ready, here it comes.

Close your eyes… Open your eyes…
It’s Monday.


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