Fortune favors the bold, and apparently, people minding their own business

I’ve had a string of good luck now for more than a couple of weeks, and the fear is setting in.

Nothing new, more of the same, just the usual thoughts:

Why me? Other people need it more than me, do I really deserve it? Is this the direct result of my actions? When will it be over?

And to top it all off, it feels like going through a period of positive haze. You don’t remember exactly everything that happened to you, but it’s present in how you feel daily, in the way you respond to any situation, hell, even on the way you walk. It’s noticeable.

What is left to do when you don’t have any control? Relinquish it completely and keep planning for the worst. I know this streak will end, and I’ll be ready to smell it a mile away.

The plan stays the same: work, exercise, eat healthy, pay debt, grow investments, have some downtime, get a good-night sleep, spend money enjoying life, try to be a better person (or at least not a shitty one)…

With any luck, this streak will end, but a new one will be just around the corner again.


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