One of those days at work, but gotta pay the bills with the least amount of effort possible

My dream job? None, I do not dream of labor.

Second on the list? Getting paid to write and/or take care of animals. Anything that allows me to have as little contact with human beings as possible. Because they will screw you, or try to, eventually; guaranteed.

Not gonna get into specifics, but I gotta tell you, working with incompetent people is bad enough, but working with incompetent mediocre and toxic people really takes the cake. Don’t understand what is this compulsion to create conflict and dish out harmful actions. In the fucking workplace to make it even worse.

You get paid to do a specific job, with certain parameters. Cool, stick with it, get your bread. Why bother anyone else or create problems for them? These are people that are genuinely hurt, had a bad childhood or just need a warm hug (to not say a boot up their asses). Fuck ’em.

I have one of these days, where I just want to tell everyone to fuck off and leave, about 4-6 times a year. Let’s make it an even number, 10 times a year. Do you really think I’ll leave a job that pays ‘ok’, but has me writing every day with little to no supervision, flexible hours and a couple of people under me just because I get mad 10 times a year? NAHHHH

Close the laptop, walk around the house, pet your dog and maybe pour yourself a drink. In less than an hour you’ll be fine, remembering why you’re better than the people that try to harm you, and why you’re smarter because they’ll never succeed.


One response to “One of those days at work, but gotta pay the bills with the least amount of effort possible”

  1. We all have ups and downs. It’s good that you know, that you’ll be fine in less than an hour. Don’t worry so much about other people. Stick to the people that lift you up amap! 🙂


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