Pay it forward, keep it going, make it contagious

Being a cynic prepares you for most outcomes in real life.
Just like not having any expectations protects you from most of the disappointments you might have.

Something bad happens and “you either expected it, you weren’t surprised, or you were prepared to deal with it.”
Something good happens, and “what a pleasant surprise, I did not expect it, look at this, good things CAN happen.”

When most of the strangers you interact with on a daily basis would do nothing to help you, there will always be a person who can change your life with a simple act of kindness (or fairness).

Suddenly, cynicism is questioned, if only momentarily.
“Why is it that I always expect the worst when people like this exist?”

Sure, you completely forgot about 99% of the people who could have done the same thing, and they ended up fueling your cynical point of view. But because of that singular person who did the minimum at the precise tome, you MIGHT change the way you see the world, if only for a few moments.

It’s one of those cases when being proven wrong actually makes you a better person.

Maybe you won’t ever cross paths with the person that helped you on any given day, but you can definitely pay it forward and be someone else’s kind stranger.


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