Yes, another post of me complaining about the weather

We went from 60F-70F, perfect autumn weather, to high 20Fs and low 30Fs WITH WIND in basically 2 days. There’s no need. Why…

Look, I get it. This happens, but it will eventually stop in December, so try to appreciate these complaints ‘cause they’ll soon end. I’m sorry, maybe one (or two more) are left. LMAO

Fuck me, it’s getting cold, and we haven’t even eaten turkey yet. 

I’m outside every day AT LEAST 3 times a day. The weather affects me directly. I sincerely feel for people that make a living working under the sky ALL DAY. It’s not normal, and it’s definitely getting worse in the winter. 

Usually, I make jokes about it, laugh, talk to myself when walking. You know, having fun in 30F degrees. Suddenly, I cross the street and a gust of wind hits me. Now, I’m pretty well covered, but something always gets in. Either the ears, the nostrils, fingertips (while wearing gloves), etc. And the worst part is, being cold on some body parts, but at the same time, being hot and sweating on other ones. WTF?! How come my socks are wet from the sweat, but my fingers are frozen. My forehead is getting humid, but wrists are feeling the cold…





(This is future-me interrupting present me, just to let you guys know that he eventually cracks up early in January and starts talking about seasonal depression and not lasting the month and a half left of winter, But he’ll survive, just goes through the winter blues, again).

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