Dreaming of a possible heaven on Earth (but not possible for me)

If I had not been born in the midst of this global stage of rampant hyper-capitalism, where you work to have the basics, and continue working for the benefit of the ones that do not work, without being able to accumulate capital, I would have loved to have been an expert in whatever subject, every subject my brain could learn.

A whole life of non-stop studying. One-two years in music, then theater history, later, principles of architecture and design, then physics and basic chemistry, at the end of it all, philosophy and mathematics…

It’s not like I’m not working at all. But only what is necessary to be able to lead a healthy and fulfilling life WITHOUT being a slave to this model of maximum performance, efficiency and profits.

Not having to waste my life working 40-60 hour weeks; not be a slave to having to pay rent, cell phone, credit cards, car, insurance, student loans.

Escape the eternal loop of being used solely as an instrument of production and income for others, and simply BE.

Live, study, learn, travel.

Not even discovering anything new, or innovating some technological, but satisfying this desire of dedicating my entire life to the accumulation of knowledge.

That would be “living THE dream” for me. Or even dare to say:
My heaven of choice.


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