Can’t really expect society to change, if the same people are in it

The goal is to live well in a community.
The obstacle is living with other people in the same community.

Between the inconsideration, ignorance, selfishness, and daily acts of bad faith, there is no way that we can have a full-functioning and healthy society for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Having to resolve conflicts created by people who fall into any of those mentioned categories requires high degrees of effort, understanding, empathy and patience; much more than the average capacity of a normal human being.

Soon after, comes the unbalanced power dynamics, the disproportionate give and take that exposes the most vulnerable, allowing them to be exploited and oppressed. Either because they can’t defend themselves, they don’t know how, or simply, because they’re humans who prefer to avoid problems rather than act upon them.

Sheep and wolves, scammers and victims, oppressors and the oppressed…

Is this the natural condition of the human being?
Is there always a need to be dominated by someone superior in order to maintain ‘order’?
Why can’t we live in total peace and harmony without hierarchies, regulation/rulers?

My problem, me, the person I am, is that I can no longer deal with people who act only for their own benefit, and don’t even think about the common good (at the very least). No matter their reasons, the result is still the same.

If your actions only affect you, well, ok, let’s work on them to help you out. But if your actions negatively impact others directly and/or indirectly, then you are simply in the wrong. And if you receive the opportunity of being explained the current situation so, you can remedy it, and you’re still in the same course after that, well, then you’re a piece of shit. No doubt about that.

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