Apartment blues, yet again

I have lived in 3 apartments in less than 2 years. In all three, I have had problems with the neighbors. Not conflicts of me vs them per se. But situations coming from them that end up affecting me.

In the first one, there was a couple who kept arguing, and a baby crying all the time. Sad, yes. Although it never got ‘out of control’, it was noise on a daily basis at any time of the day or night.

In the second, the upstairs neighbor had some type of disability and/or condition that made her change her furniture every week, got up at unpredictable hours, and walked practically stomping on the ground. A living nightmare, I didn’t last 6 months living there.

In the third, the current one, I live on the second floor of a four-unit building. I have no one above me, but I do have someone living below. Who would have thought that a girl in her late 20’s, living alone, would be such a big problem in my life? From Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon, I don’t even hear her, apart from the TV and her going in and out. Perfect tenant, everything normal. But from Friday night to Sunday afterhours, she is the most rowdy person possible. An incredible transformation that is activated when one of her friends (worse than her) walks through the door.

I don’t know if this is a sign that I should keep moving until I find the ‘ideal place’, that maybe I chose the ‘wrong city to live’, that maybe I have to make better decisions. I do know how frustrating it is to have this constant issue with no way to fix it, to move every x amount of months and have to change your whole lifestyle again.

And these are not cheap apartments, this is a great 1 bedroom in a prime location. The rent is going up everywhere, but the quality of the apartments is getting worse.

Don’t even get me started on how mediocre and bad faith the landlords are.


One response to “Apartment blues, yet again”

  1. Rubensstrasse, Berlin-Friedenau

    We went for visit to Berlin in 2016 and lived for a month in Rubenstr. in a spacious apartment. The buildings in this part of Berlin are from the late 1800s and have been lovingly restored. High ceilings, thick brick walls. You do not hear any noise from the neighbours! 🙂

    Here in Australia we are fortunate to live in a very quiet neighbourhood in one of the free standing houses. I would hate, to live in a noisy neighbouhood.

    Where mostly elderly people live, you have usually a quiet neighbourhood. Maybe you should try to live where mostly older people live?

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