Third time’s the charm

Made it to three!

That’s a STREAK, “Ladies, gentlemen, and others” (thank you, Bowie. Thank you so much for everything.) 

Trying to set the tone, start a conversation, avoid rants. OOF! Love me a good one–topic well-researched rant. I’ll spare you — for now—. But it will come, wait for it. As sure as eggs. But for the moment, it’s safe, please keep reading.

This is only our third date, (clears throat), third post. We’re still getting to know each other. Not even foreplay, just good conversation, some ice-cream, maybe a drink. We’re keeping it simple, going slow. Once a day, every day? We’ll get there, guaranteed. 

The winning strategy is to gauge expectations. 
What you want vs what I can offer you. 
Never assume, just witness the events.
That way no one gets hurt.

I live my life thinking that this strategy can be applied to everything, especially people. No expectations, no assumptions… Just a combination of the ‘wait and see approach’ (right, JD?) and a loose application of Newton’s third law: ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. 

Actions and consequences, isn’t that everything?


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