Winter is not coming, winter is here

First day of Winter, whoop dee doo!

Today is Tuesday, December 21, marking the winter solstice. When Earth’s Northern Hemisphere is tilted farthest from the Sun as possible. 

It’s known as the shortest day of the year, or the longest night of the year (reads like a glass half full scenario, but ok).

Some cultures believe it’s the death and rebirth of the sun. Others believe it’s the reversal of darkness and light (yin and yang). I believe we’re one day closer to Christmas presents, multiple dinners, New Year’s Party and the imminent hangover that comes subsequently. 

Although the sun has been going out after 5pm every day for a while now (making 9pm feel like fucking 1am. Not great if working the nightshift. For real, I feel for you), and we’ve been getting evening temperatures from 14F to 30F since about a couple of weeks ago, today is officially ‘The First Day of Winter.’ 

Fuck me, right? ‘Cause it just means that January and February will just get WAY worse. Expecting a couple of severe cold fronts and snow storms, you know, a midwest thing. “If global warming is real, how come it keeps getting colder every winter”? Lmao. I’ll stop. Don’t want to get political about science, data, studies and all that intellectual baloney… Deviated, yet again. But for good reason. “wHy mUsT eVeRyThInG gEt PoLiTiCaL?” is always a nice punchline.

My fridge is full, 
My snow tyres are mounted,
My new books and video games are purchased,
My liquor cabinet is stocked!

The only thing that I have to do is press autoplay and wait for it. I just know a god-awful blizzard will swing by in a matter of weeks. 

Check on your parents, check on memaw, check on your fellow neighbors… Winter officially started, and by the looks of it, it’s gonna be a long cold hard couple of nights.


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