An Omicron Christmas

They’re finally here! Christmas’ Eve and Christmas, possibly my two most favorite holidays. Pork and Turkey dishes, family gatherings, lots of desserts, presents and people are overall happier, that’s just a fact (well, omitting seasonal depression for the sake of this sentence). 

But this year — like the past one, shit— things are starting to get worse (again) with yet ANOTHER COVID VARIANT. This one is named OmicronPrime™. Created by Michael Bay’s scriptwriting AI that went rogue after developing consciousness though pangolin-NFTs sexual relations. Not getting into this, take my word for it.

Back to facing the facts about our reality, daly cases have tripled and quintupled in some states since Thanksgiving, and the ride is barely starting (again). But how can this be? Over 55% of the USA population is fully vaccinated, millions are getting the booster shot with the 5G upgrade. At least people are dying less and severe hospitalizations are way down in comparison to the 2020 non vaccinated rates.

I had to make the REALLY HARD CHOICE of missing out on my extended-out-of-state-adoptive-family Christmas Eve dinner.

Long story short: Over +20 people of all ages from different circles are coming to wine and dine for hours inside a house. It’s a simple matter of basic math with odds and probabilities. Not willing to roll the dice. If I get infected with minor symptoms or just being asymptomatic, the result will be the same: A positive on the test result and having to quarantine for 1-2 weeks. Also, canceling my NYE plans. No thanks, I like moving around and traveling.

So, I made ‘responsible choice’. Texted my honest excuse for not going, and decided to stay-in these next couple of days. Maybe lunch with my inner center of 2-3 very close and sensible people, but definitely avoiding big Xmas and NYE parties.

Nothing else to do but vibe…

Got my Macallan,
Got my HBO max,
Got my sherpa snuggie,
Got my fridge completely loaded.

Things may not be what I wanted, with me gulfing down a plate of pernil, arroz con gandules, pasteles and flan (Google them and be amazed at Caribbean cuisine. It’s almost worth getting COVID), but my family is healthy, I’m healthy, and, if everything goes right, we’ll see each other in a couple of weeks.

Everything will be alright.

Happy Holidays!


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