The Karen within me

Today I made my first official complaint to management ’cause I’m an adult (and basically a snitch); and I hate myself for it. But it was the correct way to go.

Let me expand on the subject. I moved into a new apartment recently. First few weeks were fine, but now my neighbor is basically acting completely bonkers. He/She/Them are always moving furniture around, dropping stuff on the floor (or throwing), cursing by themselves or on the phone, and, this one is a doozy (I even had to bring different persons to confirm): Marching around the apt. I shit you not. I can hear rhythmic footsteps/pacing noises coming from the whole creaking ceiling.

Of course, could be worse. Loud drunk people, babies crying, domestic disturbances, or your basic extremely high volume TV all night long. But this one, this one… I tell you, it’s unique and irregular, that’s what makes it far worst: The unpredictability.

My options were limited and very simple:

A) Knock on their door and talk directly face-to-face: Although this is my usual go-to, I voted against this because I do not know the mental state of this person, and how it can be interpreted if a neighbor says “please, be mindful of noises.” I think a person that’s behaving this way isn’t very considerate to begin with. “Oh, I’m sorry. I had absolutely no idea that my heavy thumping and furniture rearranging at midnight could affect you. I’ll change my ways.” Yea, not gonna in my favor. Pass.

B) Talk to management: Lodging an official complaint goes on record and could have real consequences. Plus, I ain’t no snitch. I resolve my problems directly. But at the same time, it’s the ‘correct’ way to mediate conflict and start a possible resolution without parties getting personal between each other. (Also, easier sending an email than going head to head into an argument.) Maybe they’ll be better once they get a memo -glass half full naiveness right there-.

C) All out war: This is only listed as an option because it is possible within our natural laws of the universe, but it was never the way to go. They have the higher ground and we all know how that ends.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, pray for my forgiveness. This Karen moment weighs heavy on my soul.


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