December 27

December 27 has been yet again one of the worst days of my life for a 5th consecutive year. Can’t escape it, it’s imminent. My destiny is to keep suffering on this godforsaken day. 

The same thing happens every single year. 

I have a great Christmas weekend with enjoying booze, food, friends and presents. Eating and drinking to my heart’s content, sleeping till late, movies, not working…

Pure bliss.

It’s a high that lasts all the way through New Year’s (and if I travel back home, till end of January). But, it always gets interrupted by December 27th.

What happens on this dire day?

I’ll tell you.
I wake up, just like every other normal day. 
Morning hygiene —> Coffee + Toast —> Sit down at my desk —> Check emails.

And there it is, waiting for me: The dagger that pierces my stomach from my blindside, a total betrayal, on the same day of every year that passes by.

“Hi Roberto!

All your websites’ domains and plans have been successfully renewed for 1 year. Attached you’ll find the automatic payment confirmation and transaction receipt”.

I have four websites. Not gonna talk about how much I spend on them (that’s bad form), but you can do quick math with Google, and get a decent ballpark figure of how much it hurts —especially after buying so many Christmas gifts and desserts—.

You must be thinking “what a dumbass, just set a reminder.” No! I refuse to set a reminder for myself relying on man-made technology, like an app or Alexa. I’m stubborn and have functioning grey matter.

After five years I should be able to learn my lesson. This one caught me by surprise again, in the middle of a possible apartment move, credit card balances aging like bad wine, and Omicron making its way through humanity.

Looks like it will be the next.
See you in 2022, December 27th.
I’ll be ready for you then.


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