As seen at a restaurant

At first glance, everybody thinks he’s an asshole.

Expensive watch on his left wrist, asking about specific top shelf whiskey, and that pretentious smirk that just comes off naturally without any effort every time he finishes a sentence. Of course, a beautiful lady sits across from him at the table, staring with twinkly eyes his every movement.

“How could anybody be with this guy?” is the routine rhetorical question one asks the moment after they turn their back on him.

They bring them their cocktails, and asks for their order. He has questions about singular items on the menu. 

“What kind of fish do you use for this?” 
“Is it cooked in the sauce or do you put it after?”
“Can I get this without any butter?”


“This guy is unbelievable” (as they walk back to the kitchen).

One of the waitresses overhears the comments, and decides to take a peek; witness firsthand this ‘unbearable client’ that has the servers, kitchen and bartenders bellyaching.

She sees the guy giving the first sip of his cocktail to the girl, with him watching her reaction upon tasting the drink. The smirk turned into a smile. Then a kiss to her lips.

“He’s sweet” thought the waitress, and kept quiet while gazing the scene between them. 

“Order up!” was heard from inside the kitchen. 

“Here we go again” the waiter murmured as he blasted open the double swing doors. 

The waitress caught up to him when he was on his way to the table. 

“Hey, I can take that order and finish up. Let’s switch tables. Grab number 23.”

— Are you sure?
— Good luck.

And he immediately disappeared into the other side of the salon, celebrating he got out of an insufferable scenario.

“Hi! I’ll be servicing you tonight. My coworker went on a break. Hope it doesn’t cause any problems. Here’s your order!”

The guy just smiled at her and said ‘thank you’. 

She left and peeked again, this time from behind the bar.

He took his fork and cut off the first bite of the dish, then fed it to his date. Followed by another kiss on the lips. 

“I knew it”. The waitress said.

A couple of minutes after finishing their single shared dish, the guy made a hand gesture, signaling for the bill. She understood it perfectly and came to the table soon after. The guy didn’t even check the whole bill, just glanced at the total and dropped a hundred dollar bill.

He then grabbed the lady’s coat, put it on her and was ready to leave the table. 

The waitress suddenly appeared in front of them, holding the check with the cash.

“Can I tell you something kinda out of line?”

—Of course, no problem. 
He responded.

“Everybody here thought you were a bad customer because you were asking so many questions. But I wasn’t convinced.”
— Ha ha ha.
He laughed wholeheartedly. 
— That’s exactly what I thought when I first met him. 
Said the woman who was holding his hand, while staring directly into his eyes.

He gave her another kiss, this time on the cheek, put his hand on her lower back and walked through the door.

“I told you he was an asshole. Learn to never switch tables, rookie.” Said her coworker.

— Well, that asshole just gave me a tip over 30%. And all I had to do was bring him one dish, old man. 


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