The Soulless Meta-Matrix Resurrected (spoiler free) 

Finally watched The Matrix Resurrections, the 4th installment of the Matrix series, directed by only one of the Wachowski sisters (Lana). 

Saw the past three movies with one day in between each other last week. Then waited a full week to watch the new one (wanted to refresh the feel and story, without actually comparing them to one another.)

The first Matrix changed my life. It was a religious experience during my teen years and later, my young adult years. I’ve seen it over 10 times and it never gets old. And now with the whole “trans allegory” theme revealed, you can appreciate another layer of character development and dialogue. 50 Years from now, the movie will still stand the test of time (as masterpieces do).

Reloaded (the second one) wasn’t all that bad. I can categorize it as an entertaining action-sci-fi movie, and still enjoy it to this day. The highway scene is an undeniable work of art. Adding also the scene with Neo flying while wreaking havoc in the city to catch the falling Trinity. Beautifully made and acted out in full HD digital format.

Revolutions (third one) was a big whatever. Yes, they ‘finished the story’, both on the digital world and real world, but it was plain bad. Can’t defend it, can’t justify it. Not even with the whole “Jesus Christ messiah” parallels. No. Such a disappointing finale.

Ok, now… Let’s get to it. Resurrections. I’ll be honest and try to stay as objective as possible (while giving my personal opinion and avoiding spoilers).

Started watching it with “an open mind”, zero expectations. Had to pause and take breaks during the first hour like four times. Absolutely no grip, no action, no tension, no stakes, no mystery surrounding the plot. Just meta content, past movie references and nostalgic scenes. I was genuinely offended. It was lazy, like they were using the work of others from 20 years ago to make the movie go forward, instead of creating a whole different and engaging script/storyline.

It was the biggest violation of the golden rule: “Show, don’t tell” I’ve ever seen my whole life. Almost two and a half hours of dreadful self-serving dialogue. Of course, good fight scenes and effects, cool. Thank the stunt-people, choreographers and art/graphic designers. Story-wise it was plain sad and empty with nothing of value to offer within the original Matrix universe.

On a very personal note: One thing I couldn’t shake throughout the whole movie (wasn’t the meta, wasn’t the godawful “ultimate love” concept they use for the plot, wasn’t even Neil Patrick Harris’ role), it was the damn colorful aesthetic. They abandoned the original cyber punk color palette themes, atmospheres and attires that distinguished The Matrix from other sci-fi films. Long trench coats, shades, black strap leather, corporate suits, techno raves, guns… We got colored hairs, pants and suits, basically loungewear and fashion clothing to go to the mall. Don’t even get me started on the ‘let’s sell some merchandise’ based new robot characters that had 2 minutes of screen time and were essential to the plot. (Kinda liked what they TRIED to do with the sentient programs and new technology, but they didn’t expand, nor explained. Just told how, why, what and kept going with the movie).

I promised spoiler free, so I won’t get into script, plot devices and plain and simple bad writing. Do yourself a favor –> skip it. Trust me. Don’t worry about it. Life goes on, and everybody will forget about how awful it was sooner than later. That’s guaranteed.


Although it’s ‘proven’ as a conspiracy theory and false online claims, I invite you to go down the “Sophia Stewart” rabbit hole: The woman that claims to have written the original Matrix concept and swears (she also sued, went to court and lost) that the Wachowski (back then) brothers stole the idea from her “Third Eye” novel. Not taking sides, not saying anything against or in favor, but it really makes you think.

How can the first movie be a generational masterpiece, and everything else (sans Animatrix) was excruciatingly inferior from the source material?


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