Possibly, indirectly screwed via COVID proxy

I still haven’t gotten COVID, even though everyone in my inner circle has gotten it. Who says being an introvert and staying inside 90% of the time doesn’t pay off? Get this… The housemate of someone that visited my house TWICE this week has just tested positive for COVID. 

Don’t mind her. It wasn’t the traveling to another state for a bday party, Christmas and NYE events or constant dating around. It most certainly wasn’t being unvaccinated in 2022. “It was a fluke because no one I know has ever gotten COVID. No one in my family is vaccinated. We all have natural antibodies. That’s probably why I never get sick.” 

Yea, one of those. Healing crystals and positive affirmations may probably take care of the severe symptoms she’s been having (and will have for a couple of more days). Maybe the curative powers of hemp and THC will help with the fever. C’est la vie.

Was gonna say: “not my pig, not my farm”. But it’s my fucking farm, or well. Certainly not my pig, but my neighbor came into my farm TWICE this week after having contact with that ‘pig’. Now, I’m ready to get sick. I mean, if my friend tests positive (we’ll know the day after tomorrow). Then I’ll probably test positive too. 

I got a trip to the Caribbean cristal clear waters in less than two weeks, and the country requires a negative test to enter its borders. I’ve been victorious because I take precautions everywhere I go. I avoid large gatherings, I avoid small gatherings, I avoid speaking with strangers face-to-face without a mask.

How ironic would be if after all of that, I tested positive a week and half before my trip just because I decided to let A single person enter my household, and that person lives with an antivaxxer in the same house. Either baby Jesus planned this out to teach me a lesson for some past transgressions or the universe is having fun with its punishment allocation.

Here’s to hoping the billionaire fuckers at Moderna and Pfizer got it right, and will spare me this bullshit disease that’s already killed almost 5.5 million people (direct or indirect causes). 


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