Here we go again, another day, another year – JUST SMILE!

Another [pandemic] year flew by, and some places even brought back curfews and stricter mask and testing mandates; just in time to spread a little holiday joy. 

It was a very ‘warm’ December. Makes you wonder what’s coming in January and February (even March). My fridge is stocked and I’m ready for the worst. Probably gonna escape to the Caribbean for a few weeks soon. You know, experience 90F degree weather, right before coming back to 0-10 degree winter and snow storms. Can’t wait! 

The world is still under economic and social distress, now with the crypto-meta verse era starting at full-speed. There will still be excessive disproportionate wealth between the top 1% and the rest of us mortals with 40-60 hour work weeks. This is our time-period in humanity. (Hey, at least we don’t have to experience the water wars, clean air degradation, and killer sentinel robots.) We certainly live in the best of all possible worlds.

Everyday when I wake up, the first thing that comes to my mind is: “Great, didn’t die in my sleep. No meteor. Another day to survive, again.” Immediately after that thought: “Goddamn! It’s a weekday, another one. Gotta work, again”. Brushing my teeth cursing while my mouth is filled with toothpaste: “It’s all my parents and grandparents’ fault. Why didn’t they take advantage of their more than fair easy game-mode world and became millionaires? Left me with a trust fund, a mansion… Hell, I would even settle for some Google or Amazon stocks, or a Popeye’s location.”

“Mom and dad! I need to talk to you. Why didn’t you guys try harder?? WHY!!!”
“No, I’m not depressed. Well, everyone is depressed or anxious! It’s the normal way of living these days. That’s what the kids are into now: Memes, sadness and mental-emotional exhaustion.” (Also be bisexual , eat hot chip and lie).

I’m humble. Don’t really need a lot of luxuries, just the bare minimum. Like, not working every single day, wasting my salary between paying rent, medical insurance and credit card bills. 

Ok, I’m calm again.

Usually after I finish rinsing with mouthwash, and head to the kitchen, I regain my composure. Everything is alright. It was just another morning episode (the usual one).

Now… Back to enjoying the little things in life.
Let me start with my favorite: Coffee.

(Grabs the mocha pot to wash it in the sink)
Steaming hot water comes out of the faucet and burns my hand.



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