It’ll get better… Eventually

How easy it is to finally start breathing again and keep going once you see the light at the end of the tunnel, when you can grab the rope that will help you climb out of the hole.

You can be down a couple of days, or even weeks, and all that time sort of blends together into one single blurry sequence of events. Things and people get mushed together in a forgettable time lapse, victims and consequences become a distant memory of when you “were going through a rough time.”

Sorry, I wasn’t feeling like myself.

From not eating anything at all and maybe bingeing junk food, to finally being able to indulge again and enjoy your favorite meals. The difference makes it all worth while.

Some people turn to alcohol or drugs, finding a way to relieve themselves of all the pain their going through. Anything to feel something. Others let time run its course, even it means they’ll be sucked into the void for an indefinite amount of time.

All of the sudden, you catch a break. Whereas is the universe granting you an undeserved lifeline or simply ‘cause you worked towards finding a solution to improve your current situation.

What matters is the result, feeling whole again. Being able to “feel right like before”.

Every once in a while, life will bring you to the ground and beat you while you’re down. Gotta bear it, gotta get your head above water. Gotta keep going through it…

Know yourself, count on friends and family, have some faith in the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll feel alright eventually when the moment comes. If you’re not, well, then, I really hope you can find some comfort in the inevitability of the days passing by. Because, even if you fuck up constantly, there are always more days coming to turn things around and start again.


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