Travel and moving checklist

Sent an email to cancel my lease —> no reply for three days and counting. Don’t have a specific day to leave my old apartment, even though the new lease starts the 1st of next month. Property management groups are the devil (I said that before, right?)

Need to do laundry and have 100% of my clothes clean—> can’t find a place close by to give me enough quarters “it’s a national coin shortage, sir”. Change machine is broken in two places nearby.

Have to start packing my bags for the trip —> first I have to do laundry (see above)

Need a ride to the airport—> everybody’s getting COVID, and Uber costs double on weekends. Well, time to find out if my neighbor is a cool guy.

Contacted movers, gave them the dimensions of the only 5 big items I need help with —> they want to charge me upwards $350 for a 1-hour move (literally 2 miles from my current apt, both ground floors). Looks like it’ll be the timeless classic of offering my friend some pizza and beer ‘cause that’s how you truly measure your true friends: by who helps you move.

Need to go to the Home Depot to get boxes —> roads are icy and it’s cold outside. Not gonna go outside, staying-in.

Gotta start organizing my stuff and putting them in boxes for the move—> first I have to get boxes (see above)

Have to start disassembling the couch, bed and desk for the move —> absolutely zero motivation to do anything at all

Got to eat all my produce and fresh food to empty the fridge before leaving—> ok. I can do that easily. Lets start there.


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