A covert truth (pt. 1)

– I’m telling, the guy is a fucking moron! How can you actually listen to what he says every time he grabs the mike!

“Hey, look, but—”

— But NOTHING, I cannot believe he’s the chief executive. Hate this country so much! 

“Man, calm down (puts his hand on his friend’s shoulder and speaks softly). Let’s go outside. They can listen to us here.”

Still furious and breathing heavily, taking off his partner’s hand from his shoulder, he stepped back, and looked around the room discreetly (or better yet, tried to be discreet), and whispered:

— “Okay, okay. You’re right, but he’s a moron.”

“Yea, I know. Finish your rant on the way to the car, outside.”

— What rant? Unbelievable! That’s the fucking truth, and why the rest of the world avoids working with you guys.

“What did I just tell you!? Shh.” 

A door was heard opening at the end of the corridor. Then a clear and firm voice called out:

“Gentlemen, wait a minute.”

The door opened completely and two men in black and white suits came out. They positioned themselves in the middle of the hallway and moved to the side to let a third man pass through. 

— Is that—?

“What the…”

He was wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt with the first two buttons opened, exposing part of his chest, and black dress pants, loose tie around his neck, smiling and walking lightly. He stopped a couple of inches short of the two men standing there.

— Excuse me. I heard you guys were just about to leave. If I can have a few moments with you, I’ll appreciate it… Greatly.

Neither of them could move. They just looked at each other.

— Perfect! Through here.

A hidden door opened right in front of the wall next to them. It was perfectly camouflaged in the hallway with no possible way of ever finding it under plain sight.

Both men jumped back surprised, and stayed there astounded, trying to make sense of everything that was happening. The third man leaned in between them, and said in a very serious, but low volume tone:

— I may be a moron, but I know more than you’ll ever know in your whole life and the next. You don’t even have any idea of what you don’t know, because you don’t have a way to find out. Until now. Today, I’ll give you a little peak. See if you can handle it…



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