A day in Caribbean paradise

Gotta wake up, get ready, leave the hotel,
Have black coffee with mayorca bread, beef turnover and some croquetas,
Add a mimosa if you’re feeling happier than usual.

Gotta get on the road and go to the beach,
Sunblock, music speaker, chair and fresh fruits are a must,
Aquire some Vitamin D, salt exfoliation and Vitamin Sea.

Gotta have a big lunch with mofongo, carne frita and plantains to regain my energies,
Add a couple of beers to help digestion,
Why not order some dessert for that matter? You earned it.

Gotta drive back to another beach, it’s a different setting, type of sand, tide, sun angle…
Essentials are already packed, we’re doing this again,
Ah, feels so nice to be in another body of water.

Gotta change out of salt water wet clothes, put on something tropical and dry,
Let’s stop on a coastal restaurant, have early dinner,
Why not keep drinking? Order some rum cocktails, you earned it.

Gotta drive back to the hotel, 
Maybe have a nightcap at the lobby bar, but keep it under control,
Tomorrow we’re doing it all again.


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