It’s ok to make mistakes, but also make amends

Just a reminder: There is nothing wrong with being wrong and correcting yourself, being ignorant about a subject and learning about it, being for/against and changing your position with new information and experiences.

Just because you’re bad today doesn’t mean you’ll always be bad. You have to unlearn and re-learn concepts.

Nobody was born knowing what to do and what to say. Some of us are lucky enough to have good parents, friends, any kind of family member that will set up straight and give us a set values and principles to follow; basically be a good person.

The journey is not the same for everyone. Hell, some people aren’t even interested in correcting their ways and be better human beings. They just go through life wreaking havoc and leaving victims victims behind. Those people will always exist. Whether they were left behind and had to figure everything out by themselves, had a shitty upbringing that molded them into what they are now or basically hate themselves so much that they hurt others without any form of conscience.

Don’t be them, strive to become better, put it the effort to better yourself.

If you broke something: Fix it, replace it.
If you hurt someone: Accept the consequences, make amends.

I live life following the basic rule of ‘not messing with anyone’ or at least, ‘try to never hurt them.’

It’s not always easy, and I have made lots of mistakes. Luckily, none of them had devastating life changing consequences. But still, my conscience reminds me of them, that I hurt someone, that I did something wrong on purpose, that I could’ve done more to help.

You’re correct to call them regrets. I call them reminders of the person I was once, and how much I’ve grown (and still have to keep growing).

Learn, unlearn, relearn.
Simple as that.
Leave the bad stuff in the past.
Start repairing what is broken for a healthier future.


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