Teachers don’t need guns, please

Whenever you feel your day is going bad because things aren’t going your way… You burn your eyelids studying and you still get a D at the end of the course, or when you get a tire puncture and you have to change it under a 96F sun. You know, life happens. Gotta deal with it.

No matter how you feel or what’s happening to you…

Always, always be thankful that you’re not one of those people who actually want to give guns to school teachers in case of [another] mass shooting.

And if you are one of those people [that think teachers with guns will help stop the next school shooting, turning a grade school into a wild Wild West shootout] then check yourself.

You might think: “Oh, another anti-gun liberal”.

No, man. Of course guns are for the people. Get trained and be responsible. We need them for “hunting”, “collection” or just plain old stopping baddies, just not at schools.

Anti shooter bulletproof mats and drills for children and teens. Are you for real? What the fuck, man? Gun culture really losses its mark when it comes to stopping the killing of innocent children.


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