T-Minus 1 day for the snow storm

*second post on the same day I missed my deadline by only 5 minutes*

Blizzard starts tomorrow evening, and it will last till Friday.

We have reports saying from 1 up to 14 inches of snow. (Talk about your margin of error, LMAO). Supposedly it’s gonna be a bad one because of the order of meteorological events. First it will rain, then snow, creating a thicker lower ice layer covering the roads.

Can’t salt them preemptively because the rain will just wash it away. You can plow the snow, no problem, we have trucks for that. But the layer of ice will stay there for at least two or three days. And THAT’S the dangerous part of this whole situation. Imagine X amount of snow, plus ice, and multiple car accidents all along the road on your way to work. It’s imminent and unavoidable. 

Lucky for me, I’ve been doing work for a couple of years now. Meaning, I’ll just stay in my apartment chilling, and trying to withstand the cold by not turning on the heater inside (just a stupid game I like to play. See how low the temperature can get in my house until I start getting uncomfortable. It’s a remote work thing. You have time for dumb challenges when you’re by yourself).

So, I will be stuck two to three days in my new apartment through a winter storm. Perfect to test it out. I’m still going to charge all my electrical devices, and hopefully hopefully, the power will NOT go out.

I just remembered, still no internet in my apartment. Goddamn it! Staying in for a couple of days without being able to binge my favorite series sucks hard.

Ok, no… New plan.

Time for some James Joyce. I’ll read ‘Dubliners’, and maybe keep on going with “Finnegan’s Wake”.


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