Missed it, again… 5 minutes, just 5 f-ing minutes

So, I missed my 12am “write one thing every day for a whole year deadline” by 5 minutes. I really cannot accept this one as a failure on my part.

Had to answer 2 very important important calls that ate of all my ‘evening writing time’. Plus I spent the whole day cleaning my old apartment, finishing the move and unpacking boxes. It was gruesome. And of course, still on island time 1 hour behind.


So many things to do, so little time. Can’t believe I have energies to wake up, work, do moving stuff, manage my emotions, cook, organize my new apt, DEAL WITH PEOPLE (I swear this one is the fucking hardest of them all. A 15-minute errand dealing with an actual human being consumes more battery than a full hour of physical labor by myself).

Now there’s a blizzard coming. A bad one.
Worst than the one we just had a couple of days ago (while I was in 90F weather at the beach).

New apartment, need to set all new connections, and there’s a blizzard on the same week I just moved. The internet company already ‘postponed’ my installation. No internet for basically a week more.

At least my fridge is stocked, and 95% of things I have to do don’t require me leaving the building.

I guess I have a lot to be grateful ’cause it could’ve been way worse.
My moving out could’ve been the same day of the blizzard, or the next day, or the next day with ice. THAT would’ve been the worst case scenario.

**Yes, I will write another post today to make up for the one “I missed”. Two in day.
This is BS. It was only 5 fucking minutes.


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