The weekend cometh

It’s finally Friday evening! And everybody always asks the same question: What are your plans for the weekend?

This is the perpetual answer during my adult life:

Rest, do nothing, and MAYBE I’ll get X thing done. But that’s it.

None of that using my only two free days with unnecessary BS. Weekends are for A) Resting and/or B) Get something done.

In the past, when I was younger and filled with energy, the weekends were for CONSTANT road trips (let’s go swim in a river, climb a mountain, get lost in a forest), hanging out (let’s bar hop, club hop, drink like there’s no tomorrow), or staying-in and being a complete piece of shit (watching sports and series the whole time, day drinking, playing videogames like a degenerate).

NOWADAYS, the main priority on my to-do list is A) Going to bed at whatever hour I want the night before, turning off all my alarms before sleeping and waking up the next day whenever the fuck I want. THAT feeling is the equivalent of heroin without the addiction, an orgasm without any effort, pizza without the calories).

Saturday starts when I decide with a big breakfast, lots of coffee, some jazz, maybe a little bit of anime before even changing out of my pijamas.

Suddenly it’s the afternoon. I’m happy, recharged and in a great fucking mood. Shall I do something productive with the rest of the day? Just one thing to cross of the to-do list. Hey, it can even be the lesser one, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So you may or may have not done something productive in the early afternoon. It’s ok. No one is judging, nor they can judge you. Self-love and rest is essential to your well being.

Well, look at the time! It’s gonna be the evening soon. Plans for dinner are a priority. Throw something into the air-frier? Get some deliver or takeout? No, let’s be normal human beings and go to restaurant with a date, socialize a little, be around people…

Ummmm, hard pass. Maybe next Saturday.

You finally decided what to do during your evening. It’s not important for this story. What’s important is your personal happiness. Fast forward a couple of hours, and now you’re getting ready to go to sleep.

The temperature is perfect,
You’re warm under the covers,
The foam mattress is comforting your whole body.

When you grab your phone to check notifications and set the alarms, all of the sudden you realize:

“Wait a minute, tomorrow is Sunday. I’m free from work for another full day. What should I do? Meh, it don’t matter, I figure it out when I wake up, after a big breakfast, lots of coffee, some jazz, maybe a little bit of anime before even changing out of my pijamas.


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