Nothing to say, and that’s a great thing

Today is one of those days that nothing comes to mind. I mean, there’s lots stuff to write about, specially current events, but personally not feeling the whole talk about a specific topic or create a story energy right now.

I could force it, but that’s never a good idea. Then I’ll write words to just get this post out of the way, and that’s dishonest. Huge no-no.
I could just take one of my unfinished ideas and try to create something new out of it, but then it would turn into a time consuming thing that’s not convenient for tonight.
I could also use writing prompts, which is a superb strategy, but then I would have to commit into developing this new idea. Again, not tonight.

Signing off with a very short post, but I’ll give you a quote.

“Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so.”
-Marcus Tullius Cicero

Great words to live by. Just the activity of sitting down and staring at the blank page is a fundamental exercise for any writer. Discipline is essential. A page a day eventually turns into a full length novel.

Stay frosty.


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