A case of the Mondays (yet again)

Another week started, damn! They just keep coming, it’s relentless and never-ending. The only way to end this cycle is expiration, and I still have a couple of years left (crossing fingers).

Need my full night’s sleep to have enough energy to work, do stuff, maybe have a little bit of fun, MAYBE. Basically live to be able to do it again the next day, and the next day, and the next day…


Don’t get me wrong. Everything is just fine, and incredibly enough, getting better. Which feels good, but at the same time makes me a little bit anxious to be honest.

Normal work is flowing quite easy, side gigs are earning enough, no apparent failures on sight. Should be cause of celebration, no?

Well… One would hope for happiness in mundane things, at least that’s my desire. But let’s be honest, the odds of me ever achieving a stable-balanced everyday routine are slim.

That’s the pessimist in me talking.

For the moment, I’ll just keep counting Monday after Monday, knowing that, to get to the next one each and every time, I have to go through Friday, Saturday and Sunday A.K.A. “The good days”.

That’s the optimist in me talking.


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