An invasion started, but your daily routine continues

Even though I’m in the security, conform and warmth of my bed with all my favorite amenities, this is not another normal winter evening. Anxiety and overwhelmingness are looming over me because on the other side of the world, across the Atlantic Ocean and thousands of miles away, Russia began a full-scale attack (inveasion) in Ukraine.

Right now, as I’m writing this, armed soldiers are currently on the ground in foreign land, missiles are being launched towards specific ‘strategic’ targets, airports and cities are being evacuated, people are leaving their homes without any intention of coming back.

Innocents will die, this is guaranteed. People on both sides are going to suffer tonight, that is another guaranteed, and people from third parties will also participate in the imminent clash, causing more suffering in the very near future.

All this is happening while armed superpowers make decisions that will ultimately affect the lives of their citizens in the sole interest of heightening the state’s powers.

Of course, “thoughts and prayers” will reign in the next coming days. What more is there to do to feel better about yourself while other’s lives are being destroyed halfway across the globe. We are not leaders wielding armies and weapons of destructions at the touch of a button. We are normal people, reading the news, being fed all types of information and being asked to lead our normal lives will the world burns.

Tale as old as time.
“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.”
– Winston Churchill

*For sakes and purposes of this post (and blog overall), I will not get into the political, economical, geographical and historical causes/consequences of this invasion despite the fact that I enjoy reading, studying and possessing knowledge of geopolitical affairs around the world. I’m not a geo-political pundit, historian with PHD, nor my opinion matters at all.


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